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 Welcome to the Yun Lab!
Our laboratory was first established in 2007 at KAIST.

The main thrust of our research activities is concerned with questions on nuclear waste disposal and spent nuclear fuel issues. Current efforts focus on better understanding the mechanisms of chemical reactions in the fields of environmental radiochemistry, actinide chemistry in aqueous solutions, and electrochemistry in molten salts. For the safety assessment of nuclear waste disposal, we are studying thermodynamics and kinetics of radiochemical processes, chemical speciation, oxidation/reduction reactions, interface interactions, colloid genesis and stability in geochemical environments. These are fundamental for elucidating the fate and transport of radionuclides in geochemical environments.

On the other hand, for recycling spent nuclear fuel and thus reducing the amount of high-level radioactive waste, a pyrochemical process in molten salts are under development. It is based primarily on electrochemical methods such as electrolysis or electrorefining, or electroreductive extraction in a molten salt solvent at high temperature.However, there are still critical shortages of thermodynamic properties of radionuclides in molten eutectic salts. This research area is also included in our research program.

Furthermore, our group emphasizes the use of sensitive laser spectroscopic techniques to provide molecular-level information for solids, solutions, and solution/solid interfaces (i.e. the use of radioactive materials at low concentrations), but also capabilities and facilities for conducting research on radioactive materials at concentration amenable to the application of conventional analytical methods.

The inquiring e-mail about the research program in our lab is always welcome. Please send the administrative inquiry to our lab secretary.


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